Membership Fee

To become a member of Spikeopaths Volleyball Club there is an annual enrolment fee of £30. This is required to cover your yearly personal insurance.

Pricing Plans (Indoor)

As an adult Spikeopaths member you can either pay monthly or annually. If you pay annually you will receive a £40 discount. There are three membership options:

  Sessions Monthly Payments
(Sep – May)
Annual Payment
Full Member Mixed Team & Ladies or Men’s Team Sessions/Competitions £37/month £293
Club Member Mixed Team Sessions/Competitions Only £29/month £221
Team Member Ladies or Men’s Team Sessions/Competitions Only £29/month £221

Junior Spikeopaths only have the option to pay monthly:

  Sessions Monthly Payments
(Sep – May)
 Junior (12-18)  Juniors Only £22/month

Team training sessions are invite by only. As a club we try to make sure all members play at the right level for their ability. Check the club handbook or ask the Treasurer for assistance.

The Club committee at their discretion offer Honorary Non-playing memberships e.g. to past members who have moved away from the area. We still value you and consider you part of the Spikeopaths family.

New to Spikeopaths?

If you are yet to attend one of our sessions then you will receive your first session free of charge, in order to give you the opportunity to decide whether volleyball and Spikeopaths are right for you. After your free session you need to become a member and set up the subscription plan best for you.

The Club Committee may offer discretionary discounts under special circumstances for people who cannot commit for a whole year (e.g. work, family, injury), but are stable participants to the Club activities. Contact the Treasurer in the first instance.


What is ClubBuzz?

ClubBuzz is our new club management tool. It will help the club manage it’s finances smoother, help with planning sessions for the coaches and any additional admin meaning we can all play more volleyball.

Why do we have annual membership registration?

Having ‘proper’ membership and registration allows us to have a bit more structure. Up to date contact details mean you are not short of any club information and also means we have emergency contact details. Names of registered members are required for insurance purposes.

If I join or leave during the year do I still pay the full membership fee?

Depending on when during the year you join/leave, we may offer a discretionary reduced fee. Contact the treasurer to discuss.

If I join or leave during the year do I still have to pay over all eight months?

No. We only ask people to pay subscriptions when they are a registered member of the club. Contact the treasurer to discuss.

I don’t play for a team. Does that mean my subscription pays for others to play in a team?

This really depends on your point of view. The subscription fees cover all match fees. If you choose not to play in a team then that is your choice. As outlined above, the subscriptions offered broadly match the take up offered over the last couple of years.

What is the absolute cheapest way to get my volleyball fix?

Become a full member and pay upfront.

I have another question that is not answered above, who do I ask?

Use our contact page.